Become a Wagon Master 10 or more sites get one on us for the length of your groups stay!

A wagon master, is one person who volunteers to organize their groups camping trip. Essentially, you are the leader of your group. In order to be a wagon master, you must have 10 or more sites. Any changes to the group is done with-in the group, and only permitted by the wagon master. GRRP will only make changes or cancel sites when approved by the wagon master. Wagon masters have the privilege of holding sites, 3 years in advance. Another privilege is the wagon master receives their site free of charge for the duration of the stay. The responsibility that the wagon master holds is as follows:You will need to have the following information in order to organize your group:

Assigning site numbers

Name of person going to site for easy check-in


Phone #



Camping Equipment  (Tent or RV)

Deposit $

To hold sites you make a nonrefundable one night deposit for each of the sites held for the following year. That deposit is nonrefundable *** no sites will be held without a deposit***no refunds for deposits made***

30 days prior to your groups arrival- you must hand in a final spread sheet with your groups dates, assigned sites, site totals, and final payment. Once this packet is handed in, there will be no adjustments, no refunds for sites that were not needed, no money will roll over to the following season and no money will go toward any other sites within the group.

Important information: It is the wagon masters responsibility to make sure their group is aware of the campgrounds, rates, extra charges, and policies. It is very important that the wagon master goes over paperwork provided that states the site sizes for rigs. If people in your group are tent camping, it is a max of 2 tents per site.

All the wagon master is responsible for is the nightly fees- any extra charges such as people, pets or vehicles will be paid for individually at the time of check in.


Max of 6 people per site

  • All sites are designed for one Rv’s or two tent campers. If you are in a 5th wheel please take into account the length of your pull vehicle. Some sites may be large enough to fit you/rig but the turning angle will not allow you to enter the site due to natural boundaries. We will work with you to provide you with the best site for your setup.
  • Please bring extra water hose and electrical cord. Are sites are large and not cookie cutter after all this is (camping in the woods). To get your site set just the way you like it may require additional hose/cable. Be prepared for a great stay!!!                     
  • Gualala River Redwood Park wants our customer to know, often it is more cost effective to have two sites than one site with Max occupancy when putting together your family trip or group…

  No offer can be used or combined with other discounts and is also invalid during holidays.